Key Considerations for Creating a Flawless eCommerce App!

Do you wish to create an eCommerce app like Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress? Creating such an app sounds exciting and lucrative, and of course, it is. But it takes time, commitment and the right guidance. One has to learn from the journey of an eCommerce app development company that has a vast experience in this arena. The challenges such companies face while developing an eCommerce app, the steps that they follow to mitigate such challenges, robust app development process they follow can pave the way for a successful eCommerce app for you.

So, in this article, you will get a glimpse of some essential considerations that one needs to follow while developing the app, which will help you create an appealing, highly efficient and profit-making app, rather your dream eCommerce app.

Checklist for developing a robust eCommerce app

In-depth Market Research

A thorough analysis of market conditions is of utmost importance in this highly competitive era where several eCommerce apps enter the market almost daily. Market analysis helps to identify the risk factors, plan the development appropriately and spot the business opportunities with ease. During market research, you should study if there is a need for this app in the market or does your idea already exist in the market? If yes, ensure that you have a unique idea and need to understand the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your products or services. You also need to research whether you want to create a b2b app like Aliexpress or have a b2c app like Amazon

A few other factors to consider while doing market research, are as follows:

  • Target audience and their preferences
  • Competitor analysis to get an idea on what are their key features that sets them apart
  • Latest trends in the eCommerce sector
  • Business strategies and solutions
  • Advertising and promotional activities

Right selection of Platform and Technology Stack

One of the most challenging decisions for an eCommerce app development company is to determine the platform and the technology to be used. It depends on the budget and the business needs to a large extent.

While choosing a platform, one may get tempted to publish the app on various platforms simultaneously, however, without checking whether the app you develop would be accepted by the customers can lead to monetary losses for the businesses. Developing a minimum viable product (MVP) initially for one platform and gradually updating the app on other platforms would rather be a great option. Also, it is necessary to research well and choose the right technology stack for the front-end and back-end development. One should hire well-experienced eCommerce app developers after thorough screening.

Must have Features

A feature-packed eCommerce app is bound to experience roaring success in the market. For such an app, one should incorporate the below-mentioned features in the basic model of the app:

  • Product List
  • Search Bar
  • Wishlist
  • Buy Now and Add-to-cart Buttons
  • Geo-location integration and order tracking functionality
  • Push Notifications
  • Multiple Payment and Shipping Options
  • Review and Ratings
  • Social Media Integration
  • Business Intelligence Tool

Simplified Sign-up and Checkout Process

If the sign-up and checkout processes are difficult or time-consuming in the app, the user-experience gets hampered and it could serve as an obstacle to the user from making the purchases in the app and could lead to users switching over to your competitor apps. These can become the biggest barriers in the success of your app. So, avoid lengthy or multi-page sign-ups and checkout processes. Make it easier for the users by allowing registration through social media platforms. Provide them the option to use mobile wallet systems or apps for making payments.

Captivating UI and Responsive Design

The look and feel of the app forms the first impression on your users. So, one should make sure that the User Interface is engaging, has decent color combinations, is easy to navigate through and helps the users to find what they are searching for. The app should look attractive, yet be simple to use. Also, the responsiveness of the app is a crucial factor to consider. The app should be usable on all types of devices and fit their screen dimensions, without affecting the user experience.


In an eCommerce app, the users need to share their personal and sensitive information like contact details, bank account details, etc. So, security is of utmost importance. The app must use high-level authentication and should be highly secured. It must be protected from any unauthorized access. The data should not be shared with any third-party services. Also, it must have its security policies in place, while uploading the app on Google play store or App store.

App Optimization

The eCommerce app should be optimized from various perspectives to ensure high engagement, CTR and ROI. The app must load faster and be user-friendly. It should be updated with the latest trendy features from time-to-time which effectively should make the navigation much easier. SEO optimization, content marketing, online advertisements, social media marketing are a few other considerations for marketing and optimizing the app.

Final Words:

Having an eCommerce app has immense advantages for a business. A good app will load faster, have great user-friendliness, will have powerful new-age features and engage more users.

We have seen how several factors come together to develop an impeccable eCommerce app. If you follow them, the app will help you multiply your revenue generation in the long term.